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Caesar desired that his wife should afford no occasion to be spoken of, and Queen Elisabeth Christine fulfilled these conditions entirely 1 Elisabeth... read more »
HANNAH WINTHROP and her husband were able to move back into their house in Cambridge after having fled to Andover following the battles of Lexington and... read more »
When, several years ago, I embarked upon writing the first of the "Meonbridge Chronicles", I read a lot of books in preparation. Most of the books were... read more »
Suffrage Oak, 2015, before storm damage, © Glasgow Women’s Library One hundred years ago today, Louisa Innes Lumsden (1840-1935) proclaimed:... read more »
In May of 1646, don Duarte Fernando Álvarez de Toledo Portugal, the Viceroy of the Kingdom of Valencia, wrote a letter to King Philip IV. The Spanish... read more »
This is a guest article by Meghan. Since this is a site dedicated to the roles of women associated with female royals, I thought we’d discuss what... read more »
“Once killing starts it is difficult to draw a line.” So, said Tacitus about the 15th January 69AD. This was the day that Emperor Galba... read more »
“If you say too little they can’t help you, and if they say too much they think you’re kind of … a mental patient.” Less... read more »
The Royal Galleries in Ostend were constructed between 1902 and 1906 on the orders of King Leopold II of Belgium. The galleries would allow the King and... read more »
Cookery BooksLike many writers, I have lots of books: fiction, non fiction, biographies, books bought for research which could cover almost anything, travel... read more »
I’ve been quoting the letter published in the 20 July 1876 Boston Daily Advertiser that first publicly credited John Pulling with having hung the... read more »
I am an American woman who has never experienced sexual assault, rape, or coercion. Bully for me, right? This detail of my life is only notable because,... read more »
Rebecca Jennings Lesbians found it very difficult to make sense of their sexuality, to find partners and to express desire in mid-twentieth-century Australia... read more »
Throughout history, there are several examples of a king’s widow marrying her husband’s successor. In these situations, the marriage to the... read more »
“The Library was connected with the public wash-house by the municipal fumigation rooms, where books could be disinfected after an outbreak of disease... read more »

Pulling on the Run

16 April 2018
Yesterday we left merchant captain John Pulling (1737-1787) in Boston’s North End with the royal authorities seeking to question him about the signal... read more »

Diversity Reading List

16 April 2018
The Diversity Reading List site, advertised here two years ago,  has recently be done up and you can help make it even better by sending your suggestions... read more »
The Kingdom of Poland existed several times throughout history several times. The first Kingdom of Poland from 1025 to 1385. In 1000, Poland was recognised... read more »
As part of our mental health series, Catharine Coleborne considers the histories of institutionalised women and the relationship between researcher, historical... read more »
It's always lovely to read a good review, and of course I was delighted with one I was sent recently. It's about my recently published book for children,... read more »
A 16th-century gold case containing the heart of Anne of Brittany has been stolen from the Thomas-Dobrée museum in the western French city... read more »
HANNAH WINTHROP continued her letter to MERCY OTIS WARREN in May of 1775 describing the flight from Concord to a place of safety. She is saddened by the... read more »

Sunday Morning Medicine

15 April 2018
A weekly check-up of gender, medicine, and history in the news Disability, race, and art. The faces of World War I. Perfume advice for Victorians. A brief... read more »
In 1875 Old North Church celebrated the centennial of the start of the Revolutionary War and the role that its steeple had played in that event.The rector,... read more »
A lonely queenLoneliness is a 21st-century problem; an epidemic of global proportions, linked variously to heart problems, mental health crises and dementia... read more »
Royals and sororities are not something you hear combined very often. However, there are a couple of royal sorority women. Meghan Markle and Crown Princess... read more »
From Archaeology in Bulgaria:A remarkable golden jewel in the shape of a heart decorated with a five-color enamel, which may have belonged to the... read more »
From Siberian Times:Kate Marsden travelled with the active support of both Queen Victoria of England and the Tsarina of Russia, Maria Fedorovna. Much... read more »
From The Vintage News:At the beginning of the 20th century, Enriqueta Martí — a woman from the witchcraft-steeped countryside of Cataluña... read more »
From Link TV:Battling age-old patriarchal attitudes in her village, Nirma Chaudhary is one of around 30 women recently recruited from Rajasthan's... read more »