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By Pamela D. Toler (Regular Contributor) Not all the heroes of the First World War fought in the trenches. Forty-nine year old British nurse Edith Cavell... read more »
Ippolita Trivulzio was born around 1600 as the daughter of Carlo Emanuele Teodoro Trivulzio, Count of Melzo and his wife, Caterina Gonzaga. She married... read more »
It's that time again.  Having completed my latest project and handed it in,  I am turning my attention to the next contracted novel. I have known... read more »
Princess Muna al-Hussein, born on 25 April 1941, was the second wife of King Hussein I of Jordan; she is the mother to Jordan’s current monarch,... read more »
Janet, 1895Photo supplied by Denis Blight Denis Blight   In 1901 a young parlour maid, Janet Loaring, stepped on Board the S.S. Perthshire to travel... read more »
On Saturday, 24 June, the Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife will take place at Historic Deerfield. This year’s theme is “Small World:... read more »
  This article titled “Versailles review – blood, romps and lashings of Carry On silliness” was written by Sam Wollaston, for The... read more »
I am a bit obsessed with mirrors at the moment. That's not an unusual state for many women as we oscillate between avoiding or checking our appearance... read more »
  This article titled “Lily Cole on playing Elizabeth I: ‘Did I enjoy dressing up in those silly ruffs? Yeah!'” was written by Donna... read more »

May 2017 Book News

22 April 2017
Non-fiction Tudor Monarchs: Lives in Letters Hardcover – 1 August 2017 (US) & 11 May 2017 (UK) The Tudor period (1485-1603) is... read more »
  Watch The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry in conversation on mental health for @heads_together #oktosay pic.twitter.com/417gqyqzk0... read more »
  This article titled “Lambeth Palace to get its first new building in 200 years” was written by Harriet Sherwood Religion correspondent,... read more »
Glenda Sluga examines the origins of humanitarianism through the life and politics of Baltic German noblewoman Princess Dorothea von Lieven.... read more »
A reliquary with the right hand of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna will be brought to St. Petersburg from 5 May to 11 May. It is being brought over... read more »

Joanna la Beltraneja

21 April 2017
The circumstances surrounding Joanna’s birth would influence the rest of her life. She was born on 21 February 1462 as the daughter of Joan of Portugal... read more »
Daily Post (London, England), Tuesday, January 12, 1725On December 31st 1724 Mr. William Sykes died in Bruges. He was a painter and picture dealer, a member... read more »
We supported Inez Milholland for a national presidential citizens medal! on Vimeo. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor Kathy... read more »
This article titled “The Last Kingdom recap: series two, episode six – bread-pudding boy weds” was written by Sarah Hughes, for theguardian.com... read more »
Empress Wanrong, also known as Empress Xiaokemin, was married to the last Emperor of China and the Qing Dynasty. She was born on 13 November... read more »

After the Black Death

20 April 2017
“It is June 1349. In the Hampshire village of Meonbridge, the worst plague in England’s history has wiped out half its population…”So... read more »
Today is the official opening of the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. It combines the site of the city’s old Bicentennial Visitor... read more »
An image of St. Catherine of Siena from a 15th-century roodscreen at Holy Trinity Church, Torbryan, Devon (my photograph) The Middle Ages was not... read more »
Kali Myers revisits her article on Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Butler as part of our series highlighting the contributions of Lilith: A Feminist History... read more »
On 19 April 1713 Maria-Theresa’s father, Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor and head of the House of Hapsburg, issued his Pragmatic Sanction, an imperial... read more »
CALL FOR PAPERS   The Spanish Habsburg Court during the Reign of Carlos II (1665-1700)   Special Journal Issue—The Court Historian: The... read more »
Network Director Ciara Meehan ask’s if there is any academic work relating to on-line pregnancy quizzes especially regarding the psychology of using... read more »
The Perceptions of Pregnancy blog, like the Researchers’ Network, aims to reach beyond boundaries and borders, and to facilitate an international... read more »
Louise d’Aumont was born on 22 October 1759 in Paris, France as the only child and daughter of Louis Marie d’Aumont, Duke of Aumont, and his... read more »
Every time I plan a new book, one of the first things I do, once the idea has gelled, once I know it will be a book, is to buy the Book of the Book. The... read more »
New Jersey was the first state to grant women the right to vote. They, as well as men, had to be property holders. Because there was some confusion about... read more »