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Alison Alexander, author of the biography The Ambitions of Jane Franklin, reflects on the life of this adventurous nineteenth-century lady as part of VIDA’s... read more »
Blanche of Castile was born on 4 March 1188 as the daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile and Eleanor of England. Not much is known of her youth. At the age... read more »
Automatticians, the people who build WordPress.com, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the... read more »
 Hever Castle unveiled an ‘extraordinarily rare’ wooden panel, believed to have been made for Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII.... read more »
I’m so happy to take part in the cover reveal for my fellow Fall of Poppies authors, Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb’s upcoming novel, Last Christmas... read more »
On Wednesday, 29 March, Steven C. Bullock will speak at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston on “Tea Sets and Tyranny: The Politics of... read more »
Dr Fay Bound Alberti has published widely on the histories of medicine and science, gender, the body and emotions. Fay co-founded the Centre... read more »
Forget Park Run, Tough Mutha, Iron Man and triathlons. A few weeks ago we embarked on an endurance feat far more favourable to writers on the research... read more »
This small church is quite a hidden gem in Cologne. The area is rather residential and when I arrived the neighbourhood and the church itself were deserted.... read more »
State of New York rolls out red carpet for 100 years of women voting on Vimeo. NYS Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul launched the 100th... read more »
The martyrdom of St. Cecilia of Rome and St. Valerian. Detail from a late fifteenth-century Book of Hours. The Hague, KB, 76 F 2. fol. 277r .... read more »
If you’ve ever followed a frequently updating site in Reader, you may have noticed a problem. When one of your followed sites goes on a posting... read more »
On Thursday, 23 March, Zara Anishanslin will speak at the Massachusetts Historical Society on the topic of her new book Portrait of a Woman in Silk: Hidden... read more »
Mary Saxby’s Memoirs of a Female Vagrant was published posthumously, with the twin goals of raising some money for impoverished relatives and... read more »
Our series on inspirational women continues with Heather Sheard’s examination of Australia’s women doctors in World War One. As the Great War... read more »
The tragedy of the Holocaust is one everyone learns about and remembers; the victims’ names are mentioned and memorialised. Royals were not exempt... read more »
I am a reading machine at the moment. I volunteered to be a judge on the inaugural HWA Endeavour Ink Crown for Historical Fiction and am the proud possessor... read more »
Organizers: Anne Larsen, Julie Campbell, and Diana Robin We would like to propose panels on women’s participation in the areas of religion, theology,... read more »
We’ve added a new media section to your WordPress.com dashboard, allowing you to bulk upload, edit, and tweak your media files. Let’s look... read more »
The young Pleasantdale, New Jersey woman JEMIMA CONDICT wrote in her journal that in April 1775 she went with her father to watch the militia drill. Monday... read more »
Well this is a whole new level: I've been asked to be on the panel "Biography: The Women Behind the Power" at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in... read more »

Winter and Spring

20 March 2017
Looking out the window on the last day of winter 2017, a grey snow-threatening day, it seemed as if the seasons were in battle, with Winter struggling... read more »
by Elizabeth C. Goldsmith (Regular Contributor) Travelers to distant lands have always known that risk is an inevitable part of the adventure. And from... read more »
A regent is “a person appointed to administer a state because the monarch is a minor, is absent or is incapacitated.” Ingeborg of Norway... read more »
One of the startling social changes of Gilded Age America was the increasing number of young women who attended colleges and universities. Though the most... read more »
Rachael Heyhoe-Flint blazed a trail for women’s cricket, but change comes slowly to the ‘gentleman’s game’ January 21, 2017... read more »
Hengameh Golestan (1952-2003) was a pioneer among Iranian women photographers. Born in Tehran, she traveled extensively documenting the lives of women... read more »
Chelsea Barnett reviews a recent symposium re-assessing Australia’s revolutions in gender and sexuality in the 1970s. In the lead-up to International... read more »
On 19 March 1751 Maria Theresa gave birth to her ninth daughter, Maria Josepha. She and her elder sister Maria Johanna were placed under the supervision... read more »
“She killed her sister, butchered her elder brothers, murdered the ruler, poisoned her mother,” the chronicles say. But is the empress unfairly... read more »