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A temporary export ban has been placed on coronet that belonged to Queen Victoria, preventing it from being sold abroad. The coronet was designed by Prince Albert for their wedding in 1840. It is now... read more »
In 1596, Elizabeth Stuart, the eldest daughter of King James VI Scotland and Anne of Denmark, was born. In 1603 the old Queen Elizabeth I of England passed away without leaving an heir. The throne pas... read more »
Sometimes when I am asked what I write I say: ‘I write about people who get themselves into difficult situations and, by and large, get themselves out of them again.’ That usually gets a p... read more »
Since I was on a Battle of Monmouth kick, I’ll jump to one of the most enduring American legends to come out of that fight: Molly Pitcher. As Ray Raphael wrote in Founding Myths and this article... read more »
This month I offer readers tips on how to get fit, ready for all that calorie-burning reading of history books that you plan to do this autumn. At the end of August you are tired from your holidays. Y... read more »
Joan of Arc ring stays in France after appeal to Queen | World news | The GuardianA ring believed to have belonged to Joan of Arc has gone on display in France after its new owners made an appeal to t... read more »

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27 August 2016
Life in the Georgian Court Hardcover – 30 Jun 2016 (UK) & 14 September 2016 (US) As the glittering Hanoverian court gives birth to the British Georgian era, a golden age of royalty dawns in... read more »
Sophia Dorothea of Celle would have been Queen of Great Britain as the wife of George I and the mother of the future George II.  However, this most unhappy match ended in scandal. It was doomed f... read more »
Barton C. Hacker reviews Charles J. Esdaile, Women in the Peninsular War (University of Oklahoma Press, 2014) in the Journal of Military History 79/1 Jan. 2015. read more »
  This article titled “Screen queens: the best TV Victorias, from the drag-acts to the flirts” was written by Mark Lawson, for theguardian.com on Friday 26th August 2016 09.35 UTC Whe... read more »
Louis XV of France and his wife Marie Leszczyńska had a successful marrriage and Marie gave birth to ten children, of which eight were daughters. For the French the boys were more important,... read more »
It’s the writer’s equivalent of the dress you can’t quite fit into - but, if you lose a few pounds, then maybe . . . Every author has that back-of-the-wardrobe box of unwritten stor... read more »

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