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By April Stevens (W&M Managing Editor) Summer is beginning to wind down for many, but we are trying to hold onto some summer fun here at Wonders & Marvels. So this week we are focusing on... read more »
You remember that our May guest was Lucy Coats? She talked about the masses of research she had done for her latest YA novel, Cleo (published by Orchard). Well, last month the book was thoroughly laun... read more »
Baroness Mary Vetsera Most of us know the tragic story of Crown Prince Rudolf and his mistress Mary Vetsera. They probably made some sort of murder suicide pact, which cost both of them their lives on... read more »
Why do we often sign and date our books when we acquire them? It is not surely for fear that we will lose them and thus to ensure their safe return. Rather, it is to mark their place in our life&rsquo... read more »
Congratulations to Chick History Secretary Sanjana Ballal! Last night, July 30th,  young community leaders in fields ranging from health care and banking to technology and the arts were honored a... read more »
Last week I was lucky enough to attend the first workshop for the project Women’s Literary Culture & The Medieval Canon which took place at Chawton House Library, an Elizabethan manor house... read more »
Louise of Savoy The National Renaissance Museum at Ecouen Castle will host an exhibition from 14 October 2015 to 1 February 2016 about Louise of Savoy, who was the mother of Francis I of France. The e... read more »
Chasses DiversesPhotocredit: www.lefigaro.fr Sotherby’s has announced the sale of works from the collection of the late Count of Paris and the late Countess of Paris to take place on 29 Septembe... read more »
SUMMER READING: During the dog days of summer, curl up in a hammock under a tree or take time at the beach for summer reading. Need a women’s suffrage related list for summer reading? Here&rsquo... read more »
Earlier this month the Baltimore Sun reported on the installation of a historical plaque in a downtown Rite-Aid pharmacy.That drugstore is on the probable site of the Goddard print shop in 1777. On 18... read more »
The revelation that a museum promising to be ‘the only dedicated resource in the East End to women’s history’ is instead opening as a Jack the Ripper Museum – telling the story... read more »

The Wyoming Massacre

30 July 2015
I was born and grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, not far from Wilkes-Barre. My earliest impressions of the Wyoming Valley, bisected by the Susquehanna River, were physical. Of the anthracite or ha... read more »

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