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Manchester WSPU Banner, c. 1908 A couple of months ago I was astounded to spot the appearance of this banner in the catalogue of a Leeds auction house. It seemed impossible that such an important item... read more »
This article titled “The retelling of Diana’s story has revealed the Britain we once were” was written by Zoe Williams, for The Guardian on Wednesday 23rd August 2017 05.00 UTC Since... read more »
The Chateau d’Amboise began its life in the 15th and 16th century under the successive Kings Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francis I. It acted as a residence for all of the Valois and Bourbon King... read more »
Princes William and Harry and their father, Prince Charles, behind the funeral cortege of Diana, Princess of Wales in September 1997. Photograph: Adam Butler/PA This article titled “Prince Willi... read more »
I'm reading a book on my kindle and enjoying it.     No surprises there. A complaint I've heard all my life and still hear often (especially from my partner) is that I'm 'always... read more »
I'm currently having a bit of an Annie Grey fan moment having just read The Greedy Queen (a fabulous account of Queen Victoria and food) and watched her recent BBC series The Sweet Makers which plunge... read more »
Ahmose-Nefertari was the first Egyptian queen to hold the title of “God’s First Wife of Amun”.[1] This title gave her the religious and economic influence in the cult of Amun-Re.[2]&... read more »
ELIZABETH WILLING POWEL (1730-1830) and her husband Samuel entertained lavishly in Philadelphia during the late colonial and early national era. In the Mount Vernon digital encyclopedia Elizabeth is r... read more »
Figure 1: Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, Ms.65, f.141: A Map of Rome (Wikimedia Commons) As part of my research into late medieval devotional practices and the performance of pilgrimage,... read more »
Around the 20th anniversary of Diana death, plenty of new and re-issued books are appearing. One that stood out for me was the Princess Diana 20th Anniversary Book from Historic Newspapers, which is a... read more »
Royal Gifts22 July - 1 October 2017The State Rooms, Buckingham PalaceCover of Royal GiftsRoyal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017So picture this: I’m broke, standing i... read more »
Our series of blogs based on articles published in Lilith: A Feminist History Journal continues with Suzanne Rutland’s analysis of Jewish women in Australia. The role of the Jewish wom... read more »

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