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Hats off to Saint Catherine

25 November 2015
There is a holiday more feminine than Thanksgiving and it is today: the feast day of St. Catherine of Alexandria, whose hagiography established her as the patron saint of philosophers and students in... read more »
This weekend is your last chance to see the “We Are One: Mapping America’s Road from Revolution to Independence” exhibit at the Boston Public Library. And I heartily recommend doing... read more »
Women’s Suffrage Holiday News Notes on Vimeo. Happy Thanksgiving from Marguerite Kearns and Suffrage Wagon News Channel with this video of news notes! It’s an overview of the postings... read more »
This is my first blog for the History Girls and I'm thrilled that Mary has invited me to join you. I've been thinking about the difference between writing about imaginary people and real ones. Are the... read more »
What better day to review a book on Henrietta Maria of France than on her 406th birthday? Henrietta Maria of France was the daughter of Marie de’Medici and Henry IV of France. She was the younge... read more »

Nursing Thanksgiving

24 November 2015
In November 1820, the Reverend John Marsh delivered a Thanksgiving Day sermon in Haddam, Connecticut that couldn’t have been more orthodox and run of the mill, despite its auspicious occasion, t... read more »
The three intrepid women, Mariam Begum, Frances (Webbe) Steele, and Mrs Hudson who managed to travel on board East India Company ships in the early seventeenth century, flouting Company prohibition, c... read more »
    On 5 November I took part in a discussion with director, Sarah Gavron, and producer, Faye Ward, about the making of the film Suffragette.. The event was hosted by the Wom... read more »
Łukasz Szulc Historical studies of sexualities in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) remain scarce. Researchers from the region, as well as other parts of the world, however, are increasingly... read more »
Vannes. Une mèche de cheveux mêlés de Louis XVI… by Letelegramme A small rectangular frame containing a lock of mixed hair from both Marie Antoinette and her husband Lo... read more »
For October's Cabinet of Curiosities, I would like to contribute an interesting item that once belonged to Eleanor of Aquitaine.  Rather like Eleanor herself, it has been embellished by others, c... read more »
via Ms. Magazine. Well, not only have I been too busy to blog, but the Elizabeth Cady Stanton bicentennial came and went on November 12th. I barely remembered to send my Dad a birthday card, much less... read more »

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