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Here are some additional details from Gov. John Hancock’s funeral on 14 Oct 1793. First, the 21 October Columbian Gazetteer of New York reported on the response of the new acting governor:A corr... read more »
Alana Piper and Victoria Nagy explore the criminal careers and offending patterns of female prisoners in Victoria across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Most criminal offending by women in com... read more »
One of the hidden gems of the area of Tours is definitely what remains of the Royal Château de Plessis-lez-Tours. It is located just outside Tours in the town of La Riche. It was a fav... read more »
I blogged here about my visit to the Balearic island of Ibiza. My fascination for the island hasn't left me. I knew that one visit would never be enough. This September, I went on another&nb... read more »

Great Wars and Ghosts

17 October 2017
Despite my dislike for Haunted Happenings, I have to admit that the range of offerings is much more diverse and engaging than a decade or so ago, as nonprofits in Salem have entered the fray in a big... read more »
Writing is always a risk. People say to “write what you know,” which is safe advice to be sure, but fiction will inevitably push these boundaries. For me, the history is what I know, ... read more »
Workshop: Finding lost science in early modern poetry Wednesday 22 November 2017, Wellcome Library, Wellcome Collection Hieronymus Fracastorius (Girolamo Fracastoro) shows the shepherd Syphilus and th... read more »
Bob Cant Coming out was one of the core values of the gay liberation movement in the early 1970s, but coming out at work generated a host of problems. A series of sackings in England in the mid-s... read more »
On 13 of July 1889, Louise Alexandra Marie Irene Battenberg was born at Heiligenberg Castle in Germany. A great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, Louise spent a majority of her younger years in Gr... read more »
Markenfield Hall, south of Ripon, reputably the oldest, complete moated house in the country, opens up to the public under the Historic Houses scheme for a few days a year.  I visited the place f... read more »
  Royal 14 E III f. 125v. Source: https://www.bl.uk/catalogues/illuminatedmanuscripts/ILLUMIN.ASP?Size=mid&IllID=54938 Within the landscape of medieval literature, Old French Arthurian romanc... read more »
This post is from Petteri Impola,  a doctoral student and member of Early Modern Morals – a research center at the Department of History and Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä... read more »

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