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To understand the situation Anna Leopoldovna’s daughters, or rather yet all four of her children, ended up in, we must begin at the beginning. In this case the beginning is Ivan V of Russia. He... read more »
  This article titled “Haunted by the image of fame” was written by Charles Nevin, for theguardian.com on Monday 1st September 1997 16.09 UTC Her life, it was often said, although not... read more »

Ephemeral Elms

30 August 2016
Every day, I’m thankful to live on my street because of its amazing architecture: I wake up in the morning, look out the window, and feel both wowed and grateful. But I’m also thankful bec... read more »
Titian, Tarquinius and Lucretia, c. 1571. Image from Wikimedia Commons, used to illustrate the general entry on rape. Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women – a project of dubious sincerity, in wh... read more »
To figure out what sort of fortune-telling Mary “Moll” Pitcher of Lynn did requires getting around the romanticized descriptions and legends that grew over the nineteenth century. For exam... read more »
The first 130 boxes from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) archive have now been catalogued and are available for researchers to discover, explore, and interpret at Wellcome Library. T... read more »
My chosen item for the cabinet of curiosities is perhaps not such an usual choice for a writer as it is a book, in this case a 1933 edition of the Arthur Rackham Fairy Book. It probably ranks as my pr... read more »
Catherine was born in 1638 into the House of Braganza; Portugal’s most important noble family. In 1640, Catherine’s father was proclaimed King John IV of Portugal after a revolt of the nob... read more »
NOTCHES is seeking two graduate student Assistant Editors. NOTCHES is a peer-reviewed, collaborative and international history of sexuality blog that aims to get people inside and outside the academy... read more »
In December 2011 this became the most famous same-sex quayside kiss. (See this blog, http://genderedseas.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/lesbian-sailors-famous-kiss.html). In part the greeting celebrated the l... read more »
Word embedding models are kicking up some interesting debates at the confluence of ethics, semantics, computer science, and structuralism. Here I want to lay out some of the elements in one recent pla... read more »
Authors disagree about Mary (Moll) Pitcher’s family background. When she died in 1813, she was said to be seventy-five years old, meaning she was born around 1738. No birth or baptism records ha... read more »

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