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Evelien Lemmens is a PhD candidate on the ‘Living with Feeling’ project, starting at Queen Mary University of London in September 2016. Her research will focus on the relationship between... read more »
Sponsored by the Folger Institute Center for the History of British Political Thought, Washington, US. Was the mid-seventeenth-century crisis in Britain and Ireland essentially one aspect of a broader... read more »
Marie of Montpellier was born around 1182 as the daughter of  William VIII, Lord of Montpellier and Eudokia Komnene, a niece of Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos. A condition of the marria... read more »
Queen Victoria was brought up reading the novels of Walter Scott and after her first trip to Scotland in 1842, she became besotted with this part of her kingdom, promoting Highland cattle, tartans and... read more »
During the time ANGELICA SCHUYLER CHURCH was in England she and Hamilton, as well as Eliza, corresponded. Information was exchanged on British public opinion, the French Revolution, and the state of p... read more »
Are you surprised when I tell you that women’s cricket was played in the 1700s? The first recorded match took place in Surrey on 26 July 1745 between teams from Bramley and Hambleton. Here is the ma... read more »
Interview by Deborah Deacon, Christina Fabiani, Kaitlin Findlay, Adam Kostrich, and Kate Van Genderen. Edited by Rachel Hope Cleves Maybe it’s the come-hither look of the female subject on its p... read more »
 I have just returned from a memorable trip to Ireland - my semi-adopted homeland because I was actually born in London. My recently-departed mother and all her family were born and bred in Count... read more »
Four years ago I reported on art dealer Philip Mould’s identification of a portrait as showing the Chevalier d’Eon. A French diplomat and spy, D’Eon ran afoul of his own government a... read more »
   I’ve just become the grandmother of Adam, Felix and Laurence. Twins run in our family but these are the first triplets. It’s still rare - only two hundred a year are born in t... read more »
Mary & PhilipNow that Mary was Queen she wished to settle the succession with a child of her own. Her heir at the time was Elizabeth and she was a protestant. Mary’s chosen husband was Phili... read more »
Meet Lady Sattjeni, daughter of Governor Sarenput the younger.I'd love to be able to tell you what she looked like ... but, really, I can't. Her funerary mask (left) was too badly damaged. Anyway, the... read more »

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