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  By Martin Le France (1410-1461) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons In her essay in Listening to Heloise, edited by Bonnie Wheeler, Jane Chance argues that the people, objects and concepts f... read more »
Here’s another extract from the diary of the Rev. David McClure as the Revolutionary War began. The last installment left the minister at the home of Joseph Mayo, a militia officer in Roxbury.At... read more »
by Adrienne Mayor (Regular Contributor) According to ancient Greek myths, the fierce horsewomen-archers known as “Amazons” were the antithesis of ideal womanhood, the opposites of docile s... read more »
Living in Philadelphia with her family in 1799 while her husband served as secretary of the navy, REBECCA STODDERT kept up a correspondence with her niece Eliza. Her letters included gossip as well as... read more »
  Aerial view of Back Bay, Boston including the Prudential Center and John Hancock Tower (Sfoskett at English Wikipedia).   The second Women’s Literature Culture and the Med... read more »

Scent of a Queen

2 May 2016
While I was looking for spring wine concoctions in A Queen’s Delight the other day I came across a recipe for “Queen Elizabeths Perfume”: Take eight spoonfuls of Compound water, the... read more »
The Early Modern Women’s Research Network (EMWRN) is convening panels on Gender and Textual Mobility at the upcoming ANZAMEMS conference in Wellington, 7-10 February, 2017. This is the 11th bien... read more »
Berengaria was born in either 1179 or 1180 in Burgos as the eldest daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile and Eleanor of England. She would be one of 11 siblings and she was heir presumptive for several... read more »
In our current competition, you can win a prize of Alison Weir's new book on Katherine of Aragon by choosing which of the six wives of Henry Vlll you'd like to meet and why.(Closing date 7th May). One... read more »

Romantic Friendship

1 May 2016
Women Living Happily With WomenA romantic friendship is a very close but non-sexual relationship between same-sex friends who often shared a degree of physical closeness like kissing, hugging, holding... read more »
Now that Shakespeare Month on the History Girls is over, some of you may be breathing a sigh of relief! But I'm going to crave your indulgence a little further. You see, on 23rd April, the big Shakesp... read more »
May–my favorite month of the year, representing the end of the school year, high time for gardening, that perfect shade of soft spring green, my anniversary, and a kind of wistful merriment whic... read more »

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