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True Patriot What Ifs

6 July 2015
What really differentiates Americans from Canadians? We celebrate our grand national holidays almost simultaneously in early July. We share the better part of a continent and that very long, under-def... read more »
By Nancy Bilyeau (Guest Contributor) In the town of Dartford, a 40-minute train ride south of London Charing Cross, stands a building called the Manor Gatehouse. Inside you will find a registration of... read more »
Suffrage Wagon Cafe is introducing its women’s suffrage storytelling series on July 8, 2015. Are you subscribed? This long-awaited series links story to facts. People who follow the Suffrage Wag... read more »
By Adrienne Mayor (Regular Contributor) Were Amazons real or imaginary? If warrior women did exist in antiquity, was their society exclusively female? In 1685, the French scholar-physician Pierre Peti... read more »
In a previous posthref>, mention was made by SARAH LIVINGSTON JAY in a letter to MARY WHITE MORRIS of a dinner she had attended at the Lafayettes. (The Jays dined there frequently.) Gilbert du Moti... read more »

American Girls

6 July 2015
Countless cards were inserted in countless packs of cigarettes for decades starting in the later nineteenth century, for product (to avoid crushing the cigarettes inside), advertising, and revenue pur... read more »
This annoyingly had been announced but came out rather too late for me to incorporate its insights into my revised edition of Sex, Gender and Social Change, although I had gleaned a general idea of th... read more »
This is the Church of Our Lady at Breda, The Netherlands. It’s perhaps better known simply as the Great or Grote Kerk / Church because it’s now a protestant church.  There w... read more »
Nervous eyes on cloudy skies, last month I slid a garden cane into a homemade red flag and set off to Fitzrovia lead my first ever historical walk. Liberty’s Fire is a novel that could hardly be... read more »
A weekly check-up of gender, medicine, and history in the news The first American cookbook. Who was the real Uncle Sam? The Great Moon Hoax of 1835. The revolution has been digitized. The history of t... read more »
Portrait of Catherine II the Great (1729-1796) Angelina Jolie is set to play Catherine the Great after she bought the film rights to the book Catherine the Great and Potemkin by Simon Sebag Montfiore. read more »
Back in February I posted about My Foundling Girl - the object I'd been assigned as part of 26 Pairs of Eyes: Looking at the Overlooked.  This project was a collaboration between the wr... read more »

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